How to accept this project concept as Almighty’s Revelation?

The project concept was Revealed by Almighty to me on Christmas Day of year 2008. And since then till this year 2015, there was no sign of getting it executed despite my non-stop attempts with various prominent people / Spiritual Leaders and philanthropists, Ministers, etc around the globe.....believe it or not there was tens of thousands of emails sent out by me but all in vain, except for one organization who showed interest but after some time no more response to realize the project….

So I myself got this question “Is this really Your Revelation? If yes, why then no path shown to me for so many years and why do You keep mum?”

I prayed to Almighty on 10th March this year that “If this really is Your Plan then show the path to execute it through me or to any other worthy and more spiritual person than me…..I am just a lay man and leave me alone. Today I stop with all my attempts….” and went back home, just to see with astonishment the email invitation from 2015 Parliament of World’s Religions with encouraging words to register and present it.

Besides above facts, since the Revelation Day till now, I had very blissful experiences through visions of Lord Buddha and Almighty in Oval Light Form (as seen now in the project concept placed at top of the Almighty’s World Peace Tower) and several “Close Encounter” experiences with HIM

Despite an atheist during teenage till early 20s, I was blessed to turn to Spirituality at the age of 25 when a “Turning Point Incident” occurred in my personal life in Sri Lanka, where I lived for about 2 years

Though not a saint or sage or in any way to be called as a Spiritualist, I feel and lived a layman’s life but my constant communication by way of prayers and chanting or virtually talking in heart with Almighty increased day by day and year after year. After the project got Revealed to me, this communication with Almighty became more intense and started having visions (as mentioned above).

Many of my routine unselfish wishes were getting blessed and I get tears of joy roll down each time

When I made 3D animation of this project concept (see gallery) to present it in 2015 Parliament of World’s Religions, I prayed that the software engineer whom I engaged for this, be blessed by HIM to visualize all that HE wanted to see for Humans to build as a First Biggest Temple for all Religions. Compare the sketches that I made on the day of Revelation and the 3D is astonishing..... I drew only sketches using MS word tools and have totally no skills in civil engineering design, architectural design and drafting matters (as a Diploma Civil Engineer, my job at site was to stand and supervise the execution of approved construction drawings only and nothing on design, drafting matters, etc)