About Almighty’s World Peace Tower

Almighty’s World Peace Tower is a Revelation from Almighty on Christmas Day of year 2008 to Thumbi C Murali (Singaporean / ex-Indian, and though a born Hindu, a strong believer in One God One Religion concept since age 25).

This would be a Super Mega Spiritual Theme Park or call it the First Biggest Temple for all Religions in the world and sure to fall in the category of Next Wonder of the World

The lower tower is 504 feet high, 504 feet diameter at base and 640 feet diameter at its roof (called mid platform level of whole tower)

The upper tower is 1008 feet in height with Almighty’s Form of Oval Light placed at top (10 meter diameter vertically and 8 meters diameter horizontally through central axis). The unique sound of Universe as recorded by NASA and mixed with Aaaaah…Ooooom will be emanated all round this Oval Light Form to vibrate effectively and please the souls of all visitors.

The mid platform and ground platform is Star shaped and both connected vertically in an unique architectural view curved columns and walls together

The inner view of lower platform has unique architectural view to get the feel of being in a temple

Universarium is another concept (may be evolved from Planetarium) and also a Revelation after few months of Peace Tower Revelation. It is placed about 500 meters away from centre of tower and runs about 3 kms in length in a circular path with cylindrical shafts (19 metres diameter) and spheres (45 metres diameter both all axis) of gigantic sizes. This Universarium would be built with all high-tech and a travellator for smooth ride to move inside, would give a realistic Space Travel Experience and with running commentary to fully understand the Cycle of Universe and how Almighty Works and “Who are We?.....What are we Humans doing down here on Earth?...Where are we heading to?...etc. etc…”, all in a Scientific and Spiritual way as per accepted findings from Scientists and Sages and Saints around the world. The Universarium tour would pave way for the realization of Ultimate Cosmic Truth that "We All are A Part of One and not APart from One Another"

Statues of all Gods of all Religions would be placed at 1008 meters away from centre of tower in a circular path and each at 252 feet high to feet Greatness of Gods. To see them around a cable car facility provided with running commentary on each religion and their goals that would again pave way to realize that "We All are A Part of One and not APart from One Another"

Solar panels would be installed for about 75% of the whole towers and about 50% in Universarium structures

One day visit to the Almighty’s Peace Tower would pave way for a strong belief that “We All are A Part of One and not Apart from One Another”