Why & how this Almighty's World Peace Tower would be First of its kind / Next Wonder of the World?

1. Because it is a direct Revelation from Almighty on Christmas Day of year 2008. receiving this Revelation, within end of the same day all the very brief sketches and details were drawn by me using only the MS word tools. With no other skills in engineering and architectural design and drafting / drawing, see how Almighty has blessed me to visualize HIS project concept in the 3D Animation prepared with the help of a Software professional

2. After this from that day till this year March 10th, I vainly attempted to find means to get it executed and so praying to Almighty, I gave up with a request to show new guidance if this really is HIS revelation and that I will not attempt anymore...and went back home just to see amazingly the invitation from Council for Parliament of Worlds Religions - this sure is HIS path for the World to unite, end Poverty, contribute more sincerely to prevent climate change and save earth, prevent wars, etc

3. The Architectural view of the tower that is 504 feet high at lower part and 1008 feet at upper part would certainly make it as an Iconic monument of the country that builds it.

4. There has been no such Super Mega Spiritual Theme Park in the world for all religions one place

5. Statues of all religious Gods for a height of 252 feet erected all round the peace tower in this Spiritual Theme Park for people from all religion to visit, feel Oneness and get more spiritual enlightenment and awakening. A cable car ride with brief commentary about each religion will be given to realize the Cosmic Truth that "We All are A Part of One and not APart from One Another"

6. The location of this Spiritual Theme Park would be on a mountainous region for visitors get close to nature and love nature

7. Universarium is another Revelation to me from Almighty, which is a concept to give realistic experience of Space Travel for thorough understanding of the purpose and cycle of Universe / Almighty and to awaken to the Ultimate Truth on "Who We are...what are we doing down here on Earth and where are we heading to?..." giving another opportunity to realize the Cosmic Truth that "We All are A Part of One and not APart from One Another"

8. Funicular rail ride on external sloped columns of the upper tower structures gives panoramic view of the nature and feel close to nature and love it