The Divine Plan

The will of God, divine will, or God's plan is the concept of God mentioned in “Will of God - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”

We know about the Divine Plan from the testimony of saints and sages thousands of years ago, who have seen it in a moment of enlightenment.

God created forms from His / Her / Its own Being, placed a spark of Its Divinity in them, and sent them on a path of spiritual evolution so that these sparks could one day realize their true identity as Him - but only after All Lessons Learnt through Sufferings and Happiness on Earth - and in that moment God would meet God. At that moment, God, for His own enjoyment, would experience His own is all a Great Drama and HE as the DIRECTOR cum PRODUCER cum WRITER cum ACTORS cum.....all that in a drama performance

To fully understand Almighty’s Divine Plan is a challenge to common man and so complicated that many give up their belief in such a Divine Plan and live their own routine life of For example one cannot find the answer for “If God is Love, why make me suffer?”

Humans and all Creatures in the world, for their own enjoyment are so eager and very active to do all the things to ensure continuity of their existence / heredity, despite knowing suffering is unavoidable…from this it is very obvious that our Creator “Almighty” also is very much interested in HIS existence to continue and has a Plan for that which is termed as Divine Plan, which goes on in Universal Cycle and so called Yugas on this Earth (and Pralayam as mentioned in Vedas for the whole Universe). For a better understanding, study the Upanishads translated in simple English by various saints / sages like Swami Vivekananda

As per the Divine Plan, now is a stage (of course since past few hundred years or so) for Humans to become more honest, sincere and loving in their life and to realize the Ultimate Cosmic Truth that “We All are a Part of One and not Apart from One Another” and for such a realization to come for mass of the world in a revolutionary way, this Super mega Spiritual Theme Park or the First Biggest Temple for all Religions / Gods in the world has been Revealed by Almighty